Saturday, July 5, 2008

The first 4th of July...

Yesterday was Lilli's first 4th of July. We really didn't do too much b/c Lilli has been trying to get over a stomach virus (which she was nice enough to give to me, so I have been sick for the last 4 days ugh..) All we did was sit around in our pj's and have family time. When fireworks came on t.v., we watched for a little while. Then we went outside just to sit and wait for it to get dark. We saw a few fireworks but the trees blocked most of our view. We were going to go to the big fireworks display on post but I still didn't feel all that great and Lilli was really fussy because it was about 2 hours past her bedtime. I'm really glad we ended up just staying at home. I think it was a great 4th of July, even though we didn't do a lot. It was great just spending time as a family.


Summer Laney said...

Sorry you guys haven't been feeling well. Hopefully you all are better soon. Glad you had a quiet 4th!